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All’s well that ends well.

Posted on May 9, 2011 by in Cats | 0 comments


This is TopKat again, and this is not really the end (but I think that’s a great title for SEO…), but it’s REALLY a great beginning. You will not believe this, so please check out the 2 guys above very carefully.

On the left is Coco’s half brother Sugar (age 14), and on the right is Braun (age 10), pronounced Brrrrrraun. 

Just a week ago they moved in with my people. I’m OK with this; as now the sadness in the house after I left has been replaced with fun and antics. And that’s Antics with a cap A!

Braun likes to venture up whenever he can. A bookcase is just another ladder, but I have to admit he is very careful and agile….


…. especially when it comes to stepping down the Tansu steps……..


 ……. nothing was displaced or broken during the journey……. and now for a big jump down….no sweat.


Sugar is very much Coco’s brother; he likes to walk on the keyboard…… so when gently lifted….. eyes all innocence……just wanted to help…..


 So much to see… so little time…….. 


 Fancy Feast, please ~ pate is their favorite just like mine was……… sigh.

 I think Sugar is channelling me………….. 


Braun is still a big spooky with people, however he is getting braver (and more self confident)  by the minute. He’s a cute little guy with a very sweet personality and reminds me of my brother Cinnamon whom I lost in 2001.


 This is Braun’s favorite place ~ Yes, there are shaggy brown sheep in the Islands, and this came from a local one.


This was my and Coco’s favorite… hot air wafting up through the wooden grid; summer and winter…. purpose built for us Burmese cats who feel the cold…… It did not take long for Sugar to appropriate.  BTW the white is NZ sheepskin :-)


You have no idea how much stuff these guys brought with them, hundreds of toys, a 10 year supply of catnip, dishes, food and their own bed. haha.. they liked all my toys better, as in this mouse from Judith in Vancouver. Braun is a really dedicated player ~ see below.

So here’s the backstory: Madame Butterfly (that’s Lee) happened to know about two ‘mature’ Burmese originally from her (their breeder) many years ago, who had recently been deprived of their much-loved owner Cody. Lee also read my last post where Dr.Jerry (he’s from the ARK), assisted me on my journey to the other side. Madame Butterfly is a real matchmaker, in the best way, and she decided she had a match made in heaven; 2 cats without a home and a home without 2 cats.  

Cody’s niece Kathleen had taken in her uncle’s 2 very special Burmese cats and ensconced them temporarily in her home near Portland. After a conversation with Madame Butterfly, she kindly volunteered to bring these two gorgeous guys up to our house in the Islands, just over a week ago. (my people really have to do something extra nice for Kathleen, for giving them 2 such outstanding Burmese guys ~ actually fairly OK replacements for Coco and me :-). It’s amazing how well they’ve settled in; but quite honestly, I left instructions for them just about everywhere :-) I marked everything in sight around the house, so they could hardly miss! 

This is me, TOPKAT.  


Don’t forget me; and BTW, my previous posts were “Cat on Steroids” (my most popular), “Cat on Overlife” (inspirational) and “TopKat from the Afterlife” (sad).  

I’ll be following and commenting on Coco’s brother and Brrrraun from time to time here on CASUDI’s “Images of Life” blog, so stay tuned; it hasn’t ended yet. TK

Originally publisher May27th 2010 on Posterous


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