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Do you always pick the best?

Posted on Apr 27, 2013 by in Design | 14 comments


The eggs above were laid by local chickens this morning and as fresh as they can possibly be.  Below are eggs laid yesterday morning, and by most standards are equally fresh.


The big question is, which eggs will you use first?


I picked up the eggs laid today to make an omelette with fresh herbs and goat cheese, and my partner James said “aren’t you going to use the ones you got yesterday first?” and I said “No, because I always want the best” and he said ” but you will be eating old eggs in a few days” to which I replied, “I will always be eating the very best I have!”

My mother and I had the same discussion over many years using a bowl of apples as the example. I always picked the best one and she always picked the one that was about to go bad. My argument was she was always denying herself the best by picking the worst, or the second best.


Now apply this to life….. do you always pick the best?




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  1. Come on people! Use the old eggs first! Otherwise they’ll just get even older……
    Who doesn’t understand that?

    • HEAR! HEAR!

      I totally get the newest/freshest/best argument, but what is the eventual opportunity cost when frugality is so wantonly abandoned in pursuit of the best?

      Though you may get the absolute freshest omelette today, those other eggs will be even less fresh tomorrow. Then what? How might that diminish your experience tomorrow? Will you simply discard those original eggs?

      I’m thinking the relative superiority of the newest eggs in this case is offset by the relative inferiority of the original eggs eaten a day later. My bet is to plan ahead, ensuring a consistent egg-sperience (ouch) over time.


      • Eggsactly!
        Eating only the freshest eggs each day means that eventually you will have to throw out the remaining “old” ones.
        you could wait for an old egg to produce a chicken, build a hen coop in the garage, leaving the car in the street, buy all the correct organic chicken food, dispose of the chicken excrement each day, and harvest a single FRESH egg each day, and never have ‘old’ eggs again!
        Fortunately for me, our 2 Burmese would preclude this option….

  2. No, I don’t always pick the best. Awareness level is now different in understanding your concept. You pick the best, your mother doesn’t. You know you have a choice for the best, your mother settles and that’s what she thinks is the best.

    It’s all a matter of mindset, reality and fully understanding that we have choices, among them, a high level of self worth.

    My 2 cents.

    • Yes, I have to admit your “mindset” view trumps all. Even if you pick second best, that’s your best choice! Thanks Ali for deepening the conversation!

  3. How about switching it up?

    Sometimes go for the freshest and sometimes eat up the oldest, and always make sure nothing goes to waste :)

    • In reality that’s probably what happens, since nothing does ever go to waste (in my house) Today we ate the last of the one week old eggs before I headed off to the farm to collect the ones laid today. It’s all a matter of syncing and being flexible; isn’t that what life is all about! The syncing covers meeting making fabulous friends….. and making sure the eggs are always fresh by eating the others just in time:-)

  4. Great question! It might all depend on your perspective. Aren’t both fresh? If taken with a broader definition, both sets of eggs would be fresh. Having grown up on a farm, we never wasted anything, so all got used before anything expired. A good, feasible thing to do! Love the question! Thanks! Jon

    • Yes, Jon compared to the three week old eggs one gets at the super market, they are all fresh. I have learned that The decision depends on perspective, mindset and the situation you find yourself in (create for yourself), plus the “flexible” ingredient. Thanks for continuing the conversation.

  5. Symbolically, I put my eggs in different baskets, as you do. If I want the best freshest omelette or eat raw egg as they do with some dishes in Japan, I take the freshest. On other days for other purposes, I take the least fresh, so I have a few more days of shelf life left. Best for me at that time.

    Seeing so many questions on Quora about always and best that essentially depend on intention and context, I realize a certain unwillingness to take a single position. Rapid social learning from a broad base like it wasn’t possible 20 years ago. Better by far, but can we answer what is best? My pick: Not even by crowdsourcing…

    • Intention & context ~ that’s what it seems to come down to over and over again. I would say especially by crowdsourcing rather than “not even” :-) ~ As always I do appreciate your contributions, Bernd.

      • Well, yes, if crowdsourcing adds to the range of potential best choices, I give you that, Casudi. Together with all rights reserved to make a personal decision. And to know more tomorrow. That is the best I always pick. ;-)

        • Actually looking at the way I wrote my comment to you Bernd, I meant the opposite from what came out. Crowdsourcing, the voice of the crowd does not very often pick the best…..who votes for the best?

          • Aren’t those ‘fresh’ eggs from the supermarket “crowd-sourced” anyway?