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mitsui taipei

Posted on Jan 3, 2012 by in China, Food | 0 comments


Simply, WOW! The interior design of the Taipei restaurant MITSUI Cuisine was spectacular; unfortunately taking digital images of the design was not an option!

The culinary experience was all about superlatives, as was our enjoyment with our companions.  Grandma, who has witnessed almost 100 years of society’s evolution and still runs the family enterprises, gave us some astute insight into the influences of Japan on Taiwanese culture. When I suggested I should really write a blog post about “Interior Design enhancing the Culinary Experience” she was quick to give her views, translated for me by my Taiwanese sister, Alice.

Entrepreneurs are not limited by age!

The last image below shows the entrance to MITSUI Cuisine, and truly gives a taste of the unique things to come within.

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