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One Hundred Days: Day Fifty-Four

Posted on Mar 22, 2015 by in Solutions | 0 comments


It’s not so easy to monitor your speed when driving an Audi R8. It’s also not so easy to put exactly the right weight on your foot when doing weight bearing exercises. You wouldn’t think they are related, but in fact they are.

I have sometimes been accused of having a heavy right foot! That’s what I am finding out this weekend; I put my right foot on the scale (just like Dr Reed prescribed), get a feel of the pounds of pressure by checking the read-out on the scale, remove my foot and stand of it for 10 minutes or so while doing something or other at my computer at the stand up counter, or in the kitchen.

When I’ve finished the weight bearing session I put my foot on the scale again at exactly the lbs pressure I think I have been implementing….. and wow it’s 25lbs more than I should be at! Just like with the Audi R8…… you are driving along at what you know is a comfortable safe speed, and you check the speedometer and you’ve passed 90 mph already!

Dr. Reed was pretty emphatic about my not pushing his weight bearing schedule and rushing it…….but when you drive an R8 that’s pretty hard to do. Anyway I’m not pushing things beyond my comfort zone….. Oh by the way an R8 is quite comfortable doing 120 mph.

A number of you have noticed that I am missing days and not posting every day …… it’s because I really don’t feel I have a lot of interesting things to say to my readers or myself….. and don’t want to be one of those bloggers who really has nothing to say and blogs about it anyway:-) ~ I will keep going for the 100 days but may slack off to every fives days or so unless the spirit moves me to write and post more often.

Conclusion: Sometimes we have to bend the rules to what works best for us!

Challenge: To not drive too fast…..on my recuperation journey!

Interesting Read: Protective suit could prevent the spread of Ebola
by creating an isolated environment for patients

Image above: Mount Shasta CA ~ A couple of years ago…… taken on a trusty iPhone.

Previous recuperation rambles are all below ~ the more recent ones on page 2.

Jan 29, 2015 - - 884
One Hundred Days: Day One
I bought an elegant walking cane for my mother, she was a very elegant person. And I taught her how to use it. Today, what I knew about using a walking cane was the most important thing I needed to know.
Jan 30, 2015 - - 936
One Hundred Days: Day Four
Why is patience a virtue? Why can't I buy more patience online? Those were my first thoughts today as I woke up feeling very impatient with myself and with life. Then I remembered something I had read recently " Patience is the virtue we exercise to take advantage of the time we have."
Jan 31, 2015 - - 1001
One Hundred Days: Day Five
The most important thing when you feel out of control, as I did the other morning, is to take control of your attitude. You'll say it's easy for me as it's only 100 days.....however I have been thinking what if...... I have also been thinking about how important it is to Design a space for the possible eventuality.......
Feb 04, 2015 - - 892
One Hundred Days: Day Eight
Getting in the groove would describe today. Not a fun groove either, just something that needs to be done to move the recuperation journey along. Fortunately sleep is an all important part of recuperation for ankle surgery, and I did a lot of what about tonight when I can't sleep?
Feb 04, 2015 - - 816
One Hundred Days: Day Nine
When I fell and broke my ankle on January 26th, I had no warning. I slipped on algae covered concrete....... two ankle bones snapped..... which necessitated in having 10 screws and a stainless plate inserted during surgery last Monday by Seattle orthopedic surgeon Dr.Mark Reed.
Feb 05, 2015 - - 882
One Hundred Days: Day Ten
So when you see a Dragon in the sky what does this mean? Today it felt like the Dragon was looking out for me. My challenge today was finding the balance between taking control or letting the pain suppressors continue to do their thing.
Feb 06, 2015 - - 1023
One Hundred Days: Day Eleven
I am looking forward with trepidation to next Wednesday when a lot more than a culinary skill will be revealed....... stay cast will be removed and I'll have to actually confront, feel and see the surgery results! How will metal screws actually feel?
Jan 29, 2015 - - 794
One Hundred Days: Day Two
When I woke up yesterday morning, my first thought was "how can I cope"? And then my friend Karen called and asked, "how does it feel to be out of control" Right on Karen!...... that's just what I was feeling!
Jan 29, 2015 - - 849
One Hundred Days: Day Three
This is what I see from my bed through a long lens! It feels like I am looking at everything through a long lens this week ....... everything is magnified and I'm focused on the details rather than the overall picture.
Feb 03, 2015 - - 838
One Hundred Days: Day SiX
On January 26th I learned that the recuperation journey will be about 100 days; that's this week added to the 12 weeks after my ankle surgery scheduled for tomorrow. So this is my personal diary ONE HUNDRED DAYS; it's really self- therapy to help me deal with the days to come ........
Feb 03, 2015 - - 882
One Hundred Days: Day Seven
Hardware update completed ~ unlike updated computer hardware I hope this one will last for 30 years... My surgery yesterday at 7.30 in the morning was 2 hours and I came out of the anesthetic fast they said .
Feb 07, 2015 - - 1080
One Hundred Days: Day Twelve
As some of you know I am an advocate of Master Tung's Acupuncture, and even visited one of his remaining direct disciples in Taipei a few years ago. Today, Jon Gissel Seattle Master Tung practitioner flew in to see me via Kenmore Air float plane.
Feb 08, 2015 - - 1034
One Hundred Days: Day Thirteen
Our four legged feline companions are a very important part of our recuperation process. Eight weeks ago we adopted a Bengal rescue cat and named him Tai Chi. After a very controlled introduction process he and our fifteen year old Burmese, Braun are almost best of friends.
Feb 10, 2015 - - 827
One Hundred Days: Day Fifteen
Just when you think you have things all worked out, you realize they don't really work anymore and you have to change, modify, pivot your strategy or plan. That is the similarity between the StartUp and recuperation journey. Yesterday's plan is not the best focus for today.
Feb 12, 2015 - - 1078
One Hundred Days: Day Seventeen
How can a Medical facility sell a MaxTrax boot for $350.00, which is for sale on Amazon for less than $100? Is it the same product? Do mark-ups vary that much when a product is prescribed by a Doctor? ? Which layer in the chain is taking the biggest cut?
Feb 13, 2015 - - 958
One Hundred Days: Day Eighteen
You can read so much from a face; from a facial expression and also what I call face language (like body language) ~ even this mask "The Prince" by Northwest Artist Doug David reveals strength and character and perhaps some bloody mindedness as well.
Feb 14, 2015 - - 773
One Hundred Days: Valentines Day 2015
To some of us Valentines day is not really significant - as every day is special day when you are with someone you love - and what some people show once a year should be an integral part of the DNA of your relationship.
Feb 15, 2015 - - 1045
One Hundred Days: Day Twenty
Healing is hard work when you want things to move along beyond the status quo. I remember a Doctor saying to a friend.... if you are not going to work at it (healing), then I am not your Doctor!
Feb 16, 2015 - - 936
One Hundred Days: Presidents Day
Things are often not what they seem! Look closely the Deer is not really being offered as a tasty dish! Well, that could be a great opening for a politically focused post, appropriate for Presidents Day; but not happening here. This image could also lead to the philosophical discussion ~ how do you know what is real?
Feb 22, 2015 - - 805
One Hundred Days: Day Twenty-Six

Architects and Designers who design for accessible design should spend at least a couple of days in a wheelchair! After spending a month tooling around at home, staying in a hotel and visiting Seattle Orthopedic Center I've come the conclusion that in real terms as to what a person needs, some ADA designed spaces fall short!

Feb 09, 2015 - - 980
One Hundred Days: Day Fourteen
What does normal mean? Every time we change what we expect in our lives does it become a new normal? Who would have known how things would change and all I did was break an ankle, require a hardware upgrade to my foot and embark on a 100 day recuperation journey.
Feb 11, 2015 - - 1001
One Hundred Days: Day Sixteen
Everyone wants to know, but how much detail should you really share? I am sensitive about this, as just about everyone I know has such a very busy schedule. So here goes the short form: Image here is the first layer of my after surgery cast being removed.
Feb 18, 2015 - - 1045
One Hundred Days: Day Twenty-Two
When you reach a goal, even an interim goal or milestone you know you are on the right road.......but that's assuming you've made the goals in the first place. It's important in a recuperation journey to have clearly defined goals or milestones. We reached a milestone today; ice and elevate really paid off.
Feb 19, 2015 - - 1001
One Hundred Days: Day Twenty-Four
It's a SAD day in the San Juan Islands, located in the great Pacific Northwest. This was my "viewport" when I opened my front door this was enough to make me turn around and go back to bed.
Feb 20, 2015 - - 958
One Hundred Days: Day Twenty-Five
Why is struggling with new technology so time consuming? Why cant there be a simple solution for online security? The phone in my image above still works after several decades and it's only challenging to use if you are under a certain age! Not a very secure location in today's world...



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