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Posted on Jan 17, 2010 by in Food | 1 comment


Are all very creative people, esp. designers, like this when it comes to icing a cake?

“I’ve never done this before”, he said, “do I need a recipe? ”

So he pulled out an old copy of The Joy of Cooking from my cookbook collection.  A reprint edition from 1965. He actually looked up icing; read through several recipes in your basic ‘how to make icing’ category, and decided to select ingredients from each of 3 different recipes (all items that he could find in the pantry… shopping for special ingredients required….)

Me muttering: “running before you can walk……invent before you know the basics…..”

The concoction was brought to a slow boil and stirred in one of my professional copper pots……

“This isn’t hard…….So how do I put this on (the carrot cake that I had baked….)? “Freeform OK…? Oops, it kind of blurped out a little bit there…… Wow, it cures much quicker than epoxy…..! How am I going to cover that last bit? Mmmm; maybe forget the cake and just lick the icing out of the pot?”

It looked really interesting; original, extremely freeform yet sort of designed…..And it tasted fab :-) “Maybe I’ll try this again; how about… bake another cake?”



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1 Comment

  1. Ha! I knew it! Perlita Too takes her toll! All the meticulous, painstaking craftsmanship in pursuit of authenticity and perfection MUST be balanced with a measure of I’m-not-sure-how-this-works-but-I’m-going-for-it-anyway. Glop, glop, glop!I’ll remember the frosting when I read about Perlita being painted/sealed/whatever-it-is-you-do-to-the-exterior-of-such-a-watercraft.:)