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You need an Eagle Eye to watch Eagles

Posted on May 8, 2014 by in Wildlife | 0 comments


Eagle eyes and ear plugs, binocs or a camera with a very long lens (1000mm zoom here) are necessary equipment for eagle watching… delete the ear plugs if you like the incessant augmentative squawking… which gets worse and worse as the young mature!

the eager eagle watchers

the eager eagle watchers

Eagles are an every spring, every day occurrence where we are, but when visitors take the time to come see us on our remote Island it’s a major celebration. In fact I think this was the high light of the recent visit of our good friends from the mainland!

There are all my eagle shots, and trust me not one went into the trash!





CASUDI~eagle5~May7~2014By popular request a final image, a close up of the eagle preening.





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